The Ultimate Conditioning Fix for Dry, Damaged Hair

By Krista Bennett DeMaio | | Hair Conditioner
The Ultimate Conditioning Fix for Dry, Damaged Hair

If you’re using a moisturizing conditioner every time you wash, and your hair still feels more like straw than silk, we’re going to guess you’ve got more going on with your dry hair than just the usual wear and tear (blow drying, styling, minimal sun exposure).

If you’re coloring, doing other in-salon chemical treatments, frequently flat-ironing, or have naturally dry, coarse strands, it’s probably time to kick your moisturizing efforts up a notch with a more hydrating, reparative, and intensive treatment. Enter the Intense Repair Conditioner. It’s designed to bring dehydrated, damaged and dry hair back to life. Here, three reasons why it’s the treatment your dry hair has been waiting for.

Reason #1: It’s like a nourishing smoothie for your strands.

The ingredient list reminds us of a delicious smoothie with bananas, coconut and honey. It turns out that these simple, food-based ingredients are exactly what your stressed-out dry hair needs to recover. Vitamin- and mineral- rich bananas are combined with Shea Butter to soften brittle strands. While, Jarrah honey from Australia is rich in hair-nourishing nutrients and antioxidants. It draws moisture deep into the hair shaft, feeds your follicles, and smooths frizz. Coconut oil is like a superfood for your strands. It’s chockfull of hair-moisturizing fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins to strengthen hair, preventing breakage.

Reason #2: The scent is as delicious as the hair-softening results.

Did we mention it reminds us of a smoothie? Seriously, the Intense Repair Conditioner looks and smells good enough to eat (but please don’t). The rich, moisturizing ingredients are infused with the decadent scent of coconut milk, Jarrah honey blossom, banana, and vanilla wafer, and then combined with soft florals including Tahitian Tiara Flower, Lily, White Amber, which add a whiff of elegance to the otherwise gourmand fragrance.

Reason #3: It’s a dry hair treatment you can (and should) use daily.

If you’ve got damaged, processed, or dehydrated strands, this is your treatment. Use it every time you shampoo. But leave it on for one to three minutes so it really penetrates strands. Then rinse well.

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