Ode to the Intense Repair Oil Treatment

By Lesley Rotchford | | Hair Treatment
Ode to the Intense Repair Oil Treatment

Every time you drizzle EVOO over a salad or dunk a piece of baguette into the amber-hued oil, your body gets a hearty helping of antioxidants and monosaturated fat (a heart-healthy type of fat). Using olive oil on your skin (and remember, your scalp is skin!) also has important benefits: Those same ingredients protect and nurture the scalp and hair, including boosting shine and taming frizz. That’s why Sauce Beauty dressed up their Intense Repair Oil Treatment with extra virgin olive oil.

Here, we detail the ways in which olive oil can help your hair.

1. It protects against scalp skin damage.

Olive oil has been shown to have protective powers. It contains the antioxidant vitamin E, which disarms free radicals, shows a study that appeared in the Indian Dermatology Online Journal (Free radicals are mean little molecules swarming around in the environment, which latch onto your skin and damage it, resulting in sagging, wrinkles, fine lines, and other skin issues.) Of course, your scalp is a little less vulnerable to free radical damage than the rest of your skin because its completely covered in hair, but vitamin E acts as another layer of armor against nasty stuff in the atmosphere.

2. It moisturizes dry, vulnerable strands.

Olive oil can reduce damage by keeping hair super hydrated (moisturized hair means less frizz and it’s less likely to break off and look straggly). And there’s research to prove it: A study published in International Journal of Trichology shows that when applied regularly, oils like extra virgin olive oil can lubricate the shaft and prevent breakage. In addition to boosting strand strength, hydration keeps hair shiny, smooth, and silky.

3. It can help your hair grow in healthier.

Olive oil can promote hair growth in people dealing with thinning. A study published in the journal Tropical Life Sciences Research found that tocotrienol, which is part of the vitamin E family, can increase hair growth in those suffering from alopecia (a type of extreme hair loss). The researchers speculate that tocotrienol reduces oxidative stress in the scalp (which is basically an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants).

4. High quality oil means better results for your hair

Extra virgin olive oil (aka EVOO—thanks Rachael Ray!) is cold pressed from olives, which means it’s not exposed to chemicals or heat to remove impurities. This makes EVOO a higher quality product than regular old olive oil. Does it make a huge difference when it comes to your hair health? Sure. As all chefs know, better ingredients lead to better results.

The other healthy ingredients

Turn over the package of any food and you’ll find a full list of ingredients, so why shouldn’t you be able to flip over the package of your hair care product and find out every last thing that’s in it (no confusing language or hidden junk)? That’s why Sauce Beauty practices TransHAIRency™, meaning all of their ingredients are clearly listed (and clearly defined) on their product packaging and on their website, so you always know exactly what you are putting on your scalp and hair.

While olive oil is the main ingredient in the Intense Repair Oil Treatment EVOO, other food-inspired components round out the recipe. (Just like how certain ingredients complement each other in the kitchen, there are certain ingredients that tend to work really well together in hair care products.) There’s thyme, which has anti-inflammatory properties; basil oil, which invigorates the scalp; and sunflower seed oil, which detangles and softens hair. Intense Repair Oil Treatment EVOO also contains isopropyl palmitate, which is derived from coconut oil, to boost shine and make unruly frizzy hair more manageable. Safflower seed oil packs omega 6 fatty acids to help moisturize and protect hair, and canola oil pitches in too, lending some extra hydration to fight frizz.

Here’s how to use it:

You can apply the Intense Repair Oil Treatment EVOO to damp hair—or you can hold off and use it after you’ve dried and styled your ‘do. Your choice! Just rub a few drops between your palms, and gently smooth your palms over your hair, working from mid-shaft to ends. The treatment will instantly tame flyaways while also adding shine and calming frizz. Now that’s striking oil!

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