Damage Control

The Best Way to Repair Your Hair

By Krista Bennett DeMaio | | Shampoo
Damage Control

We’re all a little bit damaged—hair-wise, that is. If you use a blow-dryer (check), wield a curling- or flat-iron (check), color your hair (check), spend time outside in the sunlight without a hat (ooops, check), you may be sporting some signs of abuse on your strands: dullness, hair breakage, dryness, and a straw-like texture.

Another sign of damaged hair? A stressed-out scalp. Just like the skin on your face, the skin on your head can get tight, irritated, and flaky when it’s not being treated so gently. The remedy? A treatment shampoo that tackles both the health of your strands and your scalp. Enter Chimichurri Mint Tingle Intense Repair Shampoo. Here’s how this “sauce” was formulated to restore and repair your hair.

What Is It?

This fresh green shampoo gives you all the feels, literally. As you massage it into your scalp, it tingles, thanks to the invigorating addition of menthol. Your scalp also gets a zesty boost from peppermint, which revs up blood-flow to your scalp—necessary for healthy hair growth. The formula also contains spearmint, which has both anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Fun fact: Dandruff is actually caused by a fungus, so it’s an important ingredient if you’re seeing flakes.

For your hair itself, the Chimichurri Mint Tingle Intense Repair Shampoo contains a trio of hair-nourishing oils: mongongo, macadamia, and argan. Rich in fatty acids and antioxidants, all three work together to give brittle strands more elasticity (the key to stopping hair breakage) and deposit a hefty dose of hydration. The shampoo also contains soothing aloe, which strengthens weak hair so it can better withstand heat styling and other strand-damaging aggressors.

Why we love it?

As it goes to work on the hair repair, Chimichurri Mint Tingle Intense Repair Shampoo refreshes and energizes your senses. It’s like a daily cup of coffee for your scalp and hair—perfect for a morning shower. As you might imagine, it smells quite minty, but the addition of citrusy bergamot and grapefruit, and grassy parsley give it a modern freshness.

Who it’s best for?

Because of its intense moisturizing oils, this shampoo is ideal for those with medium-to-coarse hair, or anyone whose hair is over-processed, and seeing signs of damaged hair.

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